"Every Child Succeeds "



At Step One International School-Qatar, we place a strong emphasis on enabling our young learners to fulfil their academic potential through developing knowledge, understanding and skills.

We follow the National Curriculum of England standards for the English subjects and the National Curriculum mandated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatari History subjects.

As a Cambridge Primary Centre, we follow the Cambridge Primary Curriculum mapped against the new National Curriculum for England that came into force in September 2015.

  • Developed for the first six years of schooling – typically for 5 to 11 year olds.
  • Organized into six stages, each of which represents a year of primary education: Stage 1 through to Stage 6.
  • Develops the skills, knowledge and understanding that will prepare learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge pre-secondary and secondary stages.

Children (ages 5 to 7) are in Key Stage 1. Students are taught by the Homeroom teachers for the subjects of English, Maths, Science, Geography and Global Perspectives while specialized teachers are introduced to deliver Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatari History, French, ICT, Art & Design and Physical Education.

Children (ages 7 to 11) move into Key Stage 2 where they are expected to take a greater degree of responsibility for their work. Throughout this stage, learners are taught within their mixed-ability classes with specialized teachers teaching them in all lessons – Maths, English, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatari History, Geography/History, Global Perspectives, French, ICT, Art & Design and Physical Education.

Cambridge Primary English (0058)

Cambridge Primary English is designed for learners who have English as a first language and can be used in any cultural context. Cambridge Primary English curriculum empowers learners in their application of English, and encourages life-long enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication. It develops communication skills in English that learners can apply in everyday situations and in study. It also equips them with transferrable language skills for interrogating and producing spoken and written texts, and working collaboratively. Together the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills acquired through Cambridge Primary English support learners’ overall intellectual, creative and social development.

Cambridge Primary Maths (0096)

Cambridge Primary Mathematics encourages life-long enthusiasm for analytical and rational thinking. Learners develop a holistic understanding of the subject, focussing on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships. Learners become mathematically competent and fluent in computation, which they can apply to everyday situations. A unique feature of primary mathematics curriculum is ‘Thinking and Working Mathematically’, which comprises eight characteristics that are intertwined and interdependent: specialising, generalising, conjecturing, convincing, characterising, classifying, critiquing and improving.

Cambridge Primary Science (0097)

Cambridge Primary Science supports learners in developing life-long curiosity about the natural world and enables them to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them. Learners develop a holistic approach to science by considering scientific thinking and practical skills alongside knowledge and understanding which is vital for explaining the world around us. This approach provides learners with the knowledge and skills they require to access and excel at science in later phases of education and to make informed choices, including considering sustainability issues and meeting the challenges facing our environment.

Cambridge Global Perspectives (0838)

Cambridge Global Perspectives is a unique, transformational programme that helps primary learners to develop transferable skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. It offers valuable opportunities to reinforce links with and skills learnt in other subjects across the Cambridge Primary programme.  The emphasis is on developing learners’ ability to think critically about a range of global issues where there is always more than one point of view. Learners study global topics that are relevant to them – for example, the environment, education and keeping healthy.

Cambridge Primary Art & Design (0067)

This wide ranging discipline enables learners to explore their creativity and to express themselves through a range of artistic forms. They will experiment with artistic media, consider the artistic process that all artists follow and use concentration and perseverance to convert their creative ideas and their experiments into both personal and collaborative pieces of art. Throughout their artistic journey, learners will also benefit of reflecting on their own experiences and from the experiences of others.

Cambridge Primary Physical Education (0069)

Physical education is a vital part of a balanced school curriculum. Regular exercise improves both physical and mental health and there is growing evidence that it improves academic performance across the curriculum. The focus of our curriculum is on depth of skills rather than referring to particular activity types or sports.

Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatari History - as First Language

All students who have Arabic as their mother tongue are required to study Arabic as a first language. Students For younger students, we believe that having an excellent grasp of standard Arabic is essential to communicate effectively and better relate to the Arab culture.

Our licensing body, The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOE), defines the programme of study in Arabic as a first language, and with dedicated resources, adhere to this requirement.

Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatari History – for Non Arabic Speakers-as Second Language

At Step One International School, Non Arabic Speakers have the option to study Arabic as a second language in addition to Islamic Studies and Qatari History offered (in English). Following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education we use the resources recommended by them for all mandatory subjects.

History & Geography, French and Information Technology (IT)

Students are taught a wide selection of subjects to help them build their knowledge of their environment, their history and the traditions of different cultures around them. To help our young learners in their journey we introduce French as a third language in Key Stage 1 and 2. Information Technology is also introduced in Y1 to Y6 to help the students build up their digital skills.

Step One is accredited by QNSA (Qatar National School Accreditation) and registers as a Cambridge Primary School