"Every Child Succeeds "


About Us

Welcome to Step One International School

Step One International School at Qatar (SIS at Qatar) is a primary school, offering students Cambridge Primary Curriculum preparing them to be global citizens.

Step One International School (SIS at Qatar) was established to provide a comprehensive and challenging academic educational program to motivate and enable students to pursue preparatory studies in Science, Math, English, and Technology.

The purpose of SIS – Qatar is learning and teaching. This purpose is predicated on UK’s educational philosophy that all students have the ability to learn, and the human right to a standard based education, which is consistent with our accredited and differentiated international curriculum.

The broad balanced curriculum offered at SIS is predicated on a student centered approach for developing the whole child. The developmental pathways are psychological, emotional, academic, technical, and values based. This approach has provided SIS with an educational edge for over 10 years necessary to successfully prepare our students

to compete in a global society. The SIS school – Qatar is a CIS (Council of International Schools) member and is accredited by QNSA (Qatar National School Accreditation) and has renewed its accreditation this year to be valid for 2023.

The curriculum is driven by the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge University. SIS uses the Cambridge Primary Progression Test assessment instrument and InCAS-CEM baseline assessment to measure students’ proficiency of the standards in Science, Math, Reading and English language usage for both Key Stages 1 and 2 and the checkpoint standardized test for Year 6. The grades 1-6 scope of work are augmented by the Cambridge Curriculum as a sound educational guide for aligning the standards, assessments, integrated differentiated instruction, instructional pacing/time allotted, instructional topics, and instructional resources.

The Arabic, Islamic and Qatar History curriculums are provided by the MOEHE (Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar).

The school is located on Nuaija Street near D Ring Road, and It opened in September 2010. SIS program serves students in years 1– 6. Classes have an average student/teacher ratio of 18:1. The regular school day begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM.

At Step One we have a set values that define our morals and standards that we standby. These values express our shared understanding of what we hold in high regard, and what we aspire to be.


Always do your best to present the best quality of work


Think outside the box and come up with new ideas and suggestion


Yourself, others and our environment


Know what is right, do what is right


Be truthful, upright and fair


Care for others through empathy and generosity


Take personal responsibility for actions


Together we can collaborate and achieve more

Step One is accredited by QNSA (Qatar National School Accreditation) and registers as a Cambridge Primary School