School Mission

To provide each student with a safe and motivating learning environment, where he/she is fully involved in the learning process

Our Vision  

Our aim is to guide and empower our learners to develop a lifelong learning desire and critical thinking skills through inquisitive learning; focusing on universal and community values such as compassion, respect, integrity and honesty.

Our Values

At Step One we have a set values that define our morals and standards that we standby. These values express our shared understanding of what we hold in high regard, and what we aspire to be.

·        Respect– Myself, others and our environment.

·        Integrity – know what is right do what is right.

·        Honesty –to be truthful, upright and fair.

·        Compassion– care for others through empathy and generosity.

·        Accountability – take personal responsibility for actions.

·        Teamwork – together we can achieve more.


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