Welcomes to SIS

All of our staff, teachers and administrators are committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all students.The school bases its teaching on the Cambridge International Programme with consideration of the needs of the students and the community. We believe that the program we offer along with the community support will prepare our students intellectually, socially and emotionally for the future.

Principal's Message

" Step one International school is a safe and caring learning environment that provides quality education for all. The compassion, enthusiasm and the caring "

Mission & Vision

We are an educational institution working hard to ensure that each student will become a creative, critical thinker, problem solver and effective communicator...


We have a collection and drop-off service. The new bus is fitted with seat belts throughout and safety takes a high priority. A Bus Monitor travels with the children to and from school and has a mobile phone in case of any emergencies.

E Learning Contents

The e-learning system is facilitated by interactive class rooms supported with interactive white boards, projectors, and computers. Our infrastructure consists of over 15 interactive white boards and projectors installed in each class room.

Teaching in class is no longer restricted to traditional methods. Teaching faculty use computer-aided visuals and lectures with the latest graphic modules.

The school has fully integrated ERP solution and Learning Management System software for classroom teaching using the digital board. This software can be accessed by the children and teachers from their homes as well.


Physical Education Department is responsible for provision of recreational and competitive sports for all students in the school.

Science lab

Science is also core subject in the Cambridgel Curriculum of England and wales.The fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts of the subject are divided into four main areas of learning, these being: scientific investigations, life and living processes, materials and their properties and physical processes.
Through careful planning and assessment, we ensure that the scientific skills and knowledge of our Key Stage 1 students will be developed and consolidated.